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Why a Camper?

If you're in the market for an RV, and you're trying to decide between a motorhome, towable or truck camper, here are some practical considerations.

Purchase Price
Truck campers range in price depending on the size, equipment and quality of construction. Because there is no chassis or vehicle to purchase, the initial cost is far less than a motorhome. Many truck campers have the same equipment you would find in a moderately priced motorhome. The major difference is space.

Cost of Ownership
Insurance costs vary widely however, in every case, truck camper insurance is far less than a motorhome and somewhat less than a travel trailer. With the pickup truck already insured, in most cases a rider is all that is needed to cover the value of the camper. Because the camper is considered cargo rather than a vehicle, most states and provinces do not require an annual license for a slide-in camper. This can be a significant savings over the life of the camper.

Storage Costs
You may find space for your camper at home. Storage for a motorhome or travel trailer on the other hand could be costly, if you do not have a place to keep it at home.

Most states and provinces will not permit towing behind another trailer. So if you have a boat, trailer with personal watercraft, horse trailer, snowmobiles or anything else you wish to tow, there is no RV better than a truck and camper to tow with. Factor in the 4-wheel drive capabilities of a truck and you can go and tow places you would never dream of reaching with a motorhome.

Getting Around
With truck campers you're free to take your truck to town, head out for some sightseeing or launch your boat. A motorhome can't be used for picking up groceries or fetching lumber. When you're not using your truck camper, you take it off the truck and use your truck for everyday use.

Fuel Economy
A truck and camper gets better gas mileage than a larger, heavier motorhome, and newer trucks get much better fuel economy when used for transportation without the camper.

Your truck, depending on the make and model, has a comprehensive warranty that can be honored at new car dealerships across the country. Not so with most motorhomes. Where do you get service... and how much will it cost? You could be stuck for days waiting for expensive parts. If you ever need service on your LowesRV camper, new or used, we ship parts via courier to anywhere in the world. It's that easy.

Behind the Wheel
When you drive a truck with a camper it's not much different than driving just a truck. Many people would feel more comfortable driving a truck and camper than being behind the wheel of a big, wide motorhome. When considering a camper, if you already have invested in a truck, you are half way to owning an RV!

The bottom line is that you can get all the luxury of a motorhome in a truck camper at a much more reasonable price


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LowesRV    •   Family Owned & Operated   •   Sales, Service, Parts