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LowesRV Sales, Service & Parts – Family Owned and Operated, serving campers all over North America!

Lowes RV are simply the most versatile, easiest-to-manage, most cost-effective RV alternatives available. We offer campers that rival the comforts of a motorhome but for a lot less money. Whether you drive a pick up, SUV or a small car we can get the best camper for your needs.

"My father started selling truck campers over 30 years ago. He found it was not only difficult to find good campers but that there was little to no information available to the average person interested in recreational vehicles and camping. So, he began selling new truck campers at that time and had grown his business to one of the largest in the South. My father passed away over 15 years ago but Iím still buying and selling RVís all these years later." Jim Lowes, LowesRV

Sellers & distributors today don't last long if they don't provide excellent customer service and good honest value for their customer's hard-earned dollar. Over 20 years later Lowes RV is buying and selling used RV campers just like Mr. Lowes Sr.

From Mr. Lowes Sr., to Jim Lowes to Jim's sons (Koyde and Sean), the family tradition is destined to carry on for generations.

"I'd like to thank all the good people who have bought RV campers over the years from us here at Lowes RV, and to those that have graciously sent friends and referrals to us. Happy camping to you all." Jim Lowes, LowesRV

Let LowesRV help you Get Started and Get Out There!

LowesRV    •   Family Owned & Operated   •   Sales, Service, Parts