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Camper Loading

We are considering a truck camper but need to know if any model can sleep 2 adults and 4 children (ages 6 to 15)?

Most campers have the ability to sleep 5 or possibly 6. If you were to sleep 3 people (two adults and possibly a small child) in the cabover you can have two sleep at the dinette bed and one more in the dinette overhead bunk bed.

Center of Gravity

What is center of gravity and how is it measured on campers?
The center of gravity is the balance point of a camper, from front to rear with standard equipment, full water and propane tanks and no options. The posted center of gravity of a camper is determined by measuring from where the camper contacts the rear of the truck bed (tailights) measuring forward.

Frame Mount -vs- Bed Mount

Can you explain the difference between a frame mount and a bed mount method for securing the camper?
"Frame mounts" include bars bolted to the truck frame extending out past the truck bed. The camper is attached to this bar with a chain and turnbuckle. "Bed mount" anchors have a steel plate between the cab and the bed of the truck. The front turnbuckles are spring loaded for shock absorbtion. The rear mount attaches to the rear bumper of the truck with turnbuckles that mount to the eyebolts of the camper.


Can people ride in the camper?
Laws vary from state to state on this issue, but regardless of legality, it is not recommended because there are no seat belts in the camper, and in the case of an erratic move or impact, objects within the camper could cause injury.

Can the camper be used while it is off the truck?
Yes. The campers are stored on our dealers lots for weeks at a time while people move all around them. It is important to lower the camper as much as possible. The camper can move in the heavy winds so the lower the better. Also make sure the ground is firm. If the ground is sandy, soft dirt or loose gravel you would want to use a plywood pad about 8"x8"x1/2" under each jack for more stability. Raise the nose of the camper about 1/2" to 1" higher than the rear so the camper will not be nose heavy.

Security/Theft Prevention

What provisions are there for security of a truck camper set up at a remote campsite and left for few days?
Theft of a truck camper is rare. However, if someone wants something bad enough, they're going to get it. We recommend that you insure your camper with your truck insurer. Never leave the camper unattended in the up position. Lower it to the ground and take the electric jack controller with you and/or the jack handles. Use the battery disconnect switch or remove the positive battery cable.

Truck Campers -vs- Other RVs

Is downsizing from a motorhome to a truck and camper practical?
Truck campers have many of the features of a motorhome in a compact package that is easy to handle and economical. You can drop the camper and use the truck to go anywhere. Most who try it, love it. In addition, you can park just about anywhere you can park a car, and the truck and camper is well within most length restricted requirements.

Truck campers seem higher priced than a comparably equipped travel trailer. Why?
Truck campers must be built stronger because they do not have a steel frame for support and are built to withstand off-road travel. Feature for feature, truck campers have more and usually better features and a roof strong enough to walk on. Truck campers are equipped with four corner jacks that add cost. The life span and resale value of a truck camper is much better than a travel trailer because of better construction.

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